Wellington Innovation Profile Features The Inspired Jewellery Group

Grow Wellington has launched it's premiere Wellington Innovation Profile and has featured the Inspired Group alongside 17 other innovative and developing Wellington businesses. 

The very first Innovation Profile foc...

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Introducing the Terra Sol Collection

Introducing the première Terra Sol Collection by Solara.
Solara. The warmth of the sun. The strength of diamonds. 

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Solara Jewelry - Collection launch at JCK Las Vegas

Solara’s première Terra Sol Collection uses polished diamonds, with elements of rough where the jewelry tells the story of the emergence of these diamonds from the contrasting landscape of Australia into beautiful, affordable jewelry.

At JCK Las Vegas, this May, Diambel NV, a De Beers Sightholder and Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire, will be launching an exciting new collection from our Solara Jewellery Range.

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Adore Magazine featuring the 'Empire' NYC Inspired Diamond Ring

The Inspired Collection’s sculptural pieces took on an architectural slant in pieces that were influenced by Manhattan’s boundless energy. Adore Magazine has featured The Inspired Collection’s Empire Ring in their September 2013 issue by Melissa Pearce. 

Inspired Jewellery's Creative Director Ian Douglas, spent some time in Manhattan last year and it shows in his three new rings – Empire, Brooklyn and Crysla – which bear a style and energy that can only be described as quintessentially New York. 

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Kimbra & Janelle Monáe join forces in their Golden Electric Tour

Kimbra wears The Inspired Collection ring in new video with Janelle Monáe.

In this video you can see Kimbra needs no other accessory as she has chosen to solely wear the ring designed and crafted by The Inspired Collection.

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Inspired Jewellery: All that glitters | Idealog

Esther Goh | Idealog Magazine

The future looks bright for the Inspired Jewellery Group and it's unique approach to design, now that China's calling. 

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MODEL SEARCH: Are you the face of a new international jewellery brand?

MODEL SEARCH: Are you the face of a new international jewellery brand? We are looking for a gorgeous, healthy, vivacious woman who embodies the spirit of a stunning new diamond jewellery brand. 

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Circlipd Brilliant Platinum and Diamond Ring with matching Wedding Band

Platinum and gold are tensioned to hold this round brilliant cut diamond. Featuring a matching platinum and gold wedding band. 

If you would like more information or a quote on this ring please contact Inspired Jewellery here.


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Introducing Steph Lusted Contemporary Jeweller

McKenzie Watson Photography

We’d like to introduce you to the lovely Steph Lusted. Steph is one of NZ’s top contemporary jewellers.

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Polynesion Tapa Pattern Inspired Ring for Victor Vito

"Congratulations to Victor Vito and Amber Dallas on their recent wedding, what a fantastic couple! We’re proud to have been chosen to make such a beautiful set of wedding rings for them both. Victor’s ring is carefully crafted in platinum to reflect his Samoan heritage and his own personality. The Polynesian tapa patterns inspired the design that has 2 V’s, for Victor Vito. The stylised pattern also represents the newly-weds together with the representation of the V, then an A (for Am...

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