The Inspired Collection is pleased to announce they are stockists of Sirius Star™- The Worlds Brightest Diamond®.  These Canadian diamonds, cut and polished from diamonds mined in the Northwest Territories of Canada, are reshaping the ancient tradition of diamond cutting and polishing by offering a range of uniquely cut and polished shapes.

Using only the highest quality, conflict free Canadian diamonds Embee Diamonds has created the Sirius Star a patented and trademarked shape which features greater scintillation and increased light return, improved brilliance and higher visual appeal than any other round brilliant cut.

Named after the brightest visible star in the night sky, Sirius Star was designed by Canadian diamantaire and master diamond cutter Mike Botha, and has more facets than a round brilliant cut diamond to minimise the loss of light, thus maximising the brilliance of the diamond.

Sirius Star is available in the following configurations and is exclusively cut graded by AGS Laboratories:

  • Sirius Star™ 80 (80 inclined facets) is available in round, octagon, cushion and square.

- Octagonal main facet design with four-tier  pavilion

- Excellent light return

  • Sirius Star™ 88 (88 inclined facets) available in round only.

- Octagonal main facet configuration with four tier pavilion faceting

- Custom shape providing happiness and prosperity

  • Sirius Star™ 100 (100 inclined facets) available in round only, starting from 1.5cts

- Decagonal main facet design with four-tier pavilion.

- Featured design for larger diamonds

A truly unique and beautiful conflict-free Canadian diamond, a Sirius Star is the perfect compliment to your favourite Inspired Collection diamond ring.