'The Inspired Collective’ is a group of highly skilled design lead jewellers.  Our objective is to bring together a group of people that share our jewellery design philosophy in an environment that fosters unconstrained fresh ideas. Whether the final ring design comes from one jeweller or a collaboration of jewellers, as long as it’s different, fresh, unique, sensuous, striking, exquisite, beautiful, timeless... we’re happy.


All our NZ jewellers are fully qualified and have a vast depth of experience. They have a combined average experience in jewellery of 30 years. All of our jewellers have undertaken tertiary training to ensure that they get the highly specialised skills required to craft fine jewellery. Come and watch our NZ Jewellers at work in our Wellington jewellery store.

Ian Douglas has spent his life appreciating, designing and building beautiful pieces of jewellery.  Ian has the innate ability to analyse a client’s desires and create for them designs which both fulfil and enhance their dream jewellery. He has built up an enviable reputation in New Zealand for unique jewellery.

With over 55 years experience as a craftsman, Gary is the “Godfather” of The Village Goldsmith. Philosopher, drummer, singer and talker, Gary delivers his pearls of wisdom daily along with the odd expletive that made him famous to our Kelburn clients.

Chris has been a mountaineer, a ski guide and a keen fly fisher. Somehow he managed to fit a jewellery career amongst this working for some great names here in New Zealand and overseas. With only one year involvement in The Village Goldsmith, he made the finals of the National Jewellery Design Awards in 2009 and continues to go from strength to strength, able to finally express his true talents.

Dan Palmer is a Wellington trained jeweller with a vast range of skills. Jewellery runs in the blood, with his father being a craftsman fitter and turner and his grandfather was also a manufacturing jeweller.  Supremely talented with his hands, Dan has crafted furniture, the finest jewellery, and always to the most exquisite and exacting levels.