Inspired Diamond Ring for Katy Perry

The Inspired Collection has created a floating diamond ring that Polly from ZM will give Katy Perry who is playing a concert in Wellington NZ. The ring called 'What's the Point' is designed to make the diamond to look as if it is floating.

"Last Friday, 6th May, I listened to Polly on 91ZM chatting to the winner of tickets to the Katy Perry concert, a young lady, Stacey, who suffers from muscular dystrophy. It was a great piece of radio, not only had Stacey won tickets to the concert, Polly had arranged for her to actually meet Katy Perry at her concert!

The excitement and sheer joy in Stacey’s voice was amazing, and made me appreciate that someone as famous as Katy Perry could still take the time to indulge a fan. It was then I had the idea of saying thanks from ourselves and New Zealand, and had the idea to present her with our most outrageous piece of jewellery, our extravagant diamond ‘Cone’ ring, called ‘What’s the Point’.

It seemed the perfect piece for a star known for her ‘out there’ style, so I contacted Polly and offered it to her to present, knowing she would be meeting Katy and would have the opportunity to do so.

Polly tells me it was a hit, so we’re grateful Katy  will leave NZ with a memento of Wellington and a sample of our creativity."  said jewellery designer Ian Douglas.

Looks can be deceiving. The What's the Point diamond ring may appear unwieldy but the ring fits beautifully on the finger of the wearer. Viewed top down the diamond cantilevered securely into place appears to float in space and the overall effect is like that of looking through the port window of the Millennium Falcon. "It’s not exactly discreet but then, what's the point of that?” says Ian Douglas designer of the floating diamond ring for Katy Perry.

Check out Polly's comments about Katy Perry and the What's the Point diamond ring from the ZM website:


Check out the ring Polly is giving Katy - it's called "What's the Point" and it's insane!!! Platinum, gold, rose gold and mint diamond!!! 

Will this mean they're engaged!?!

Check out the Katy Perry's 'What's the Point' ring featured on ZM Online

Some sneak peeks of Katy Perry's diamond ring that Polly is giving her today:

The Inspired Collection ring is beautifully packaged and ready to be given to Katy Perry before her Wellington NZ concert.

Ian Douglas from The Inspired Collection designed the ring and it was handcrafted at Inspired's workshop The Village Goldsmith.