The Inspired Jewellery Group is a very different kind of jewellery business. We’ve been designing and crafting jewellery in our workshop for over 30 years and in that time we’ve learned that good design should inspire, it should endure and it should create a positive reaction. We aim to understand our clients, what their needs are, and then come up with clever and creative solutions that exceed their expectations.

We believe that people buy jewellery because they have an emotional connection to it. We let our clients and surroundings inspire us whether they are an individual or an international company, whether that inspiration has come from Wellington, Beijing or New York City. Our award winning designers and craftsmen create designs for clients all over the world, individual pieces and collections that forge a whole new design direction yet retain a practical, wearable aesthetic.  Creating jewellery art forms that can be worn everyday.

We demand excellence in the creation of our designs and our service to all our clients. We are different in our industry in that we work in a very collaborative manner, all our designs start from the heart, with a hand drawn design, a pencil and paper and a burning desire to be different. We then combine traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge technology to execute those designs. We aim to radically change people's perceptions of what they thought was possible in a diamond ring.