Compiled by Carolyn Enting - Dominion Post Fashion Editor

FASHIONABLY sharp best describes the style of Casey Taylor, who has the knack of turning corporate wear into a powerful fashion statement. Taylor, 28, recently joined Ashley Fogel to take on a sales and marketing role but comes from a corporate sales background where her style, and high heels, saw her stand out among the suits.

‘‘I’ve always loved fashion and found it difficult sticking to corporate style,’’ Taylor says.

Her secret is having good basics and well-fitted suiting in blacks and navy, then accenting it with her style. The latest, highest, heels are a must.

‘‘I always wear heels. It started because of my height. I’m pretty short, 5ft3, and working with men in the corporate industry I felt I needed to make eye contact or at least get close,’’ Taylor says. ‘‘The training has paid off because I can wear heels 24/7.’’

Good hair is another style essential and Taylor constantly updates her hairstyles to keep her look current.‘‘This is the longest my hair has ever been and doesn’t feel like it’s me because it doesn’t have a style. So it’s getting lopped off,’’ Taylor says.

Inspired engagement/wedding ring - "I designed it myself with the Village Goldsmith and think it's timeless." says Casey Taylor.