LONDON - The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) announced today that Embee Diamond Technologies Inc., d.b.a. Embee Diamonds, the Canadian based Diamond manufacturer, has achieved certification by meeting the highest ethical, social and environmental standards established by the RJC’s Member Certification system.

“RJC warmly congratulates Embee Diamond Technologies Inc. on its certification. The successful verification assessment was conducted by UL Responsible Sourcing, one of the independent third-party auditing firms accredited to the RJC’s Member Certification System,” says Michael Rae, RJC’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We are delighted and extremely pleased to have achieved our RJC Certification. As a family-owned diamond cutting and polishing atelier, we offer jewellery retailers and diamond specialists a direct-to-factory relationship for all their Canadian diamond requirements,” says Mike Botha, CEO of Embee Diamond Technologies Inc.

 For further information please contact:

Mila Bonini, Communications Manager, Responsible Jewellery Council

Telephone +39 02 48002801, Mobile +39 334 5488723, Mila [dot] bonini [at] responsiblejewellery [dot] com


About RJC

The Responsible Jewellery Council is an international not-for-profit organisation bringing together more than 360 member companies committed to promoting responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices in a transparent and accountable manner throughout the jewellery industry from mine to retail. Their commitment aims to reinforce consumer and stakeholder confidence in diamond, gold and platinum group metals jewellery products. The Council has developed the RJC Member Certification System, a certification system, which will apply to all Members’ businesses that contribute to the diamond, gold and platinum group metals jewellery supply chain. All Commercial Members of the RJC are required to be audited by accredited, third-party auditors to verify their conformance with the RJC’s Code of Practices and become certified under the RJC Member Certification System. A full list of its Members can be found on the web at

About Embee Diamond Technologies Inc.

Embee Diamonds is primarily focused on its patented range of new diamond shapes - Sirius Star
Diamonds. Devoted craftsmanship and a critical approach to the art and science of diamond cutting and polishing are combined to bring the finest 100% Pure Canadian Diamonds to marked- diamonds that are mined, designed, cut & polished by a team of Canadian master diamond cutters.


In addition to becoming RJC-certified, Embee Diamond Technologies Inc. is also an AGS Register Supplier, and members of the Canadian Jewellers Association, Diamond Bourse of Canada and Diamond Manufacturers Association of Canada. For more information, please


RJC Certification Information – Embee Diamond Technologies Inc. www.responsiblejewellery.comThe Responsible Jewellery Council is the trading name of the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices Ltd. The Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices Ltd, First Floor, Dudley House, 34-38 Southampton Street, London, UK, WC2E 7HF. The Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices Ltd is registered in England and Wales with company number 05449042.


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