The Inspired Collection’s sculptural pieces took on an architectural slant in pieces that were influenced by Manhattan’s boundless energy. Adore Magazine has featured The Inspired Collection’s Empire Ring in their September 2013 issue by Melissa Pearce. 

Below is an article written by Melissa Pearce for Adore Magazine discussing jewellery that has been inspired by the architectural environments:

Influenced by the buildings and art history of great cities, The Inspired Collection from Wellington, New Zealand, have looked to skylines far from their studio.

The jewellery collective’s Creative Director Ian Douglas, spent some time in Manhatten last year and it shows in his three new rings – Empire, Brooklyn and Crysla – which bear a style and energy that can only be described as quintessentially New York.

To the left is "Crysla" influenced by the Chrysler Building; centre is the ring based on the Empire State Building "Empire"; on the right is the Brooklyn Bridge inspired ring "Brooklyn". 

“It’s a city that has a rawness and a refinement, incredible architecture and people, all interacting to create a feeling you can only connect to if you visit and, better still, live there. These rings are designed to distil those feelings. Some are deliberately on the edge. However, when you view them, they are New York,” says director Ian Douglas.