The Esperanza Diamond will be on display at JCK Las Vegas booth DC717 as part of a collaboration between award-winning jewelry designers The Inspired Collection and master diamond cutters Embee Diamonds.

Specialist jewelry designers The Inspired Collection and master diamond cutters Embee Diamonds have announced they will be displaying the historic Esperanza diamond pendant at their JCK Las Vegas booth in the Design Center (DC717). The internally flawless, D color diamond will be alongside a new designer diamond ring collection from Inspired and selected Inspired designs featuring Embee’s Sirius Star, the world’s brightest diamond.

If the buzz that the Esperanza diamond has created across America and around the world is anything to go by, booth DC717 will be a hive of activity. Esperanza is believed to be the most valuable diamond ever discovered in the USA and seeing this beauty is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The remarkable diamond was unearthed in June of 2015 in the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. The rough diamond was cut and polished at a live event in Arkansas by Mike Botha of Embee Diamonds. At 8.52 carats, Esperanza is the fourth largest crystal ever found in the United States. Botha transformed it into a 4.605 carat diamond - perfectly colorless and internally flawless - graded D IF by AGS Laboratories.

The unique triolette shaped Esperanza has 147 facets and resembles an icicle, a shape which inspired the custom designed pendant that holds the diamond. The pendant was designed by Ian Douglas, Creative Director of The Inspired Collection, and suspends the Esperanza diamond above flowing lines of platinum which mimic droplets of water. It was crafted in the USA by Byard F. Brogan. The Inspired Collection, Embee Diamonds and Byard. F. Brogan are American Gem Society members.

Chris Benham of The Inspired Collection will be at JCK. “We’re really looking forward to having this piece of American history at our Design Center booth. Esperanza represents an amazing story of science, technology, art, craft and creativity all coming together in one unique piece of jewelry”.

“It’s rare that a trade show hosts a piece of jewelry of such historical significance. We encourage everyone to come by and see this important American diamond. JCK is likely to be your last chance to see Esperanza before it is sold”.

At JCK, Inspired is also launching the new Glacia Collection of contemporary diamond rings, designs that are inspired by the strength, brilliance and provenance of diamonds. Suspended in open and flowing ring designs, the wearer is able to admire the diamond from every angle.

“The Glacia Collection is also a reference to our collaboration with Canadian-based Embee Diamonds, and the unique provenance of their CanadaMark Canadian diamonds”, says Benham.

Embee Diamonds are the creators of Sirius Star®, the world’s brightest diamond. Selected designs by Inspired that feature these remarkable Canadian diamonds will also be on display at booth DC717.

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