Ra, the god of the sun, steers his solar boat across the sweltering skies of Ancient Egypt. His precious cargo are the souls and prayers of the Egyptian people and it is Ra’s duty to transfer them safely from his morning boat the Mandjet to the Mesektet, or evening boat, and on into the underworld.

Karl Williams has brought to life this singular piece of mythology in the form of a platinum ring. A fancy intense yellow marquise diamond represents the Sun god travelling over a pyramid at the point of the midday sun. The souls in his charge sparkle as fine white diamond accents in the ring.

Scholars believe that the word Ra could be a derivative of the Ancient Egyptian word for creative. This ring, and Karl himself, are certainly that. Karl has been a jeweller for ten years and he is also a talented modeller and artist with a special passion for planes -  which may explain why he was attracted to the myth of Ra and his nifty ‘solar boat’.

The ingenuity and craftsmanship that have gone into developing Ra have been recognised with a placing in the finals of this year’s National Jewellery Design Awards. For more of Karl William’s creations see: