Jewellery TIme

We were disappointed at the lack of response to our invitation to design a logo for the Guild. Instead, the committee pooled ideas from its individual members and from Craig Anderson and has settled on a logo that originated from an idea drawn by committee member, Karl Williams, of The Village Goldsmith, Wellington. 
It is a very simple, clean design which features gold on a white background. The logo has a certain NZ flavour with two stylised “6s denoting fish hooks. They have been shaped to create a circle and a dot has been put in the centre (the gold symbol).

The logo will also work well as a stamp. This stamp will, in effect, be only half the Goldsmith Guild mark. For the mark to become authentic it will need to be stamped alongside a goldsmith’s own personal stamp on any one piece of jewellery. Before a Goldsmiths Guild stamp is issued to any member, that member will be required to supply the Guild Secretary with the artwork of his/her personal stamp which will be held on a database. 
I envisage the logo becoming a mark of quality that will become recognised throughout New Zealand. When printed on a certificate it will look impressive hanging on a wall where customers can see it and it is a design that will stand the test of time. 
  — Brian Barrett 
GGNZ Chairman