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Burger rings, bottle tops and shells need no longer stand in for engagement rings, thanks to a jeweller putting the romance back into proposals in a way that has already helped rugby celebrity Dan Carter pop the question.

Wellington jeweller Ian Douglas has designed a series of silver rings that leave men free to worry about whether their prospective fiancees will say yes, rather than whether she will like the ring.

One of the rings, which all have the words "Will you marry me?" on them, has already been sold – with All Blacks first five-eighth Dan Carter buying one for his proposal to Honor Dillon.

Carter went to Inspired Jewellery at Wellington's Village Goldsmiths looking for an engagement ring, but Mr Douglas said he was in the same position as many men who had decided to propose.

"They're not 100 per cent sure of what style she would like, and there's always that slim chance they don't get a yes."

Mr Douglas opened the store outside hours for Carter, who chose a "wilshi" ring instead of an engagement ring.

With that decision made, he planned a helicopter ride as the setting for his proposal, and the couple would now choose an engagement ring together.

Inspired Jewellery director Chris Benham said worrying about how to propose was nerve-racking enough for men. "They're wondering: `What if I chose the wrong style, how much do I spend, what if she says no?"'

As many men did not "know where to start" when looking for an engagement ring, many decided not to get one, but to choose one with their partners later.

"Often they opt out and leave the choice to their partner, which eliminates the romance."

For $100 to $140, men can have a proposal ring while avoiding spending thousands on one their partners might not like. Some are normal shapes, one looks like the ring pull on a bottle, while another is heart-shaped.

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