Asking someone to marry you is stressful enough but what makes it even more so is the worry of whether the love of your life will like the ring you've chosen for them.

The agonising is over thanks to the Wilshi range of sterling silver proposal rings.

Propose with a Wilshi and then choose the engagement ring together. It takes away the stress of getting it wrong but keeps the romance of the proposal alive.

The rings are priced from $100 - $275 and remove the risk of spending thousands on one your partner may not like.

"Guys don't want to get it wrong but if they propose without the ring it ruins some of the romance. This way the guys can still do the romantic proposal," Chris Benham of Wilshi says.

The Wilshi launch last year coincided with All Black Dan Carter buying one to propose to fiance Honor Dillon, Carter was visiting The Village Goldsmith in Wellington where Wilshi was conceived and designed.

"We had not actually released the brand but we showed Dan the designs and he loved the concept. A few months later he called and said, "I might be in need of a Wilshi", Benham says.

The rings vary in design. There is a simple band engraved with the words "Will you marry me?", others resemble a can tear-tab and a heart, as well as a simpler style. There is also one cast from a shell with the words "Will you marry me?" discretly engraved as if the words have been written in the sand.

"We're trying to help guys come up with some clever ways to propose and ways to lighten up the situation and make it fun". Chris says, "It's been a real hit because it's a special ring they keep forever that marks the occasion, and they also look great worn afterwards on a chain as a pendant."

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