An extendable bathroom mirror. That was the inspiration for Nigel Wong’s X-Tension.  “I was moved to create a necklace that transported the mirror’s mechanical application on to a platform of beauty”, says Nigel. Crafted from white and yellow gold, X-Tension is able to contract or expand to fit any wearer thanks to diamond inlaid hinges. A piston on the underside of the necklace automatically moves the green tourmaline stone into its optimal position.

The name X-Tension also reflects the extra time needed to complete the piece. The necklace took over 90 hours and it was a true labour of love. Nigel’s efforts have been recognised with a finals placing at this year’s National Jewellery Design Awards.

This is the second time Nigel has reached the finals of the country’s premier jewellery design competition. Nigel’s 2008 piece ‘Vessel’ was a ring that reflected Nigel’s passion for windsurfing, featuring the silhouette of a sail over a blue tanzanite stone the colour of the ocean.

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